Resources and Tools For Students

I wanted to give all my readers the tools and resources I used day in and out while in college. I’ve used these tools to get things done, stay organized, and keep my life in check. I’ve created this list, so you have a reference to these sources. I’ll be updating this page as I discover new tools and resources, so definitely keep it bookmarked!


This is basically my task manager app. It's free for the most part but there is a premium version. I personally use the free version, and the efficiency I get from it on a daily basis is tremendous! If you like lists, this will be great for you.


Hands-down probably one of the most useful apps I've ever gotten from the app-store. Think about all those times you've cut & pasted in college. Copy clip allows you to save the most recent copied items for you! (please avoid plagiarism though!)


File hosting and sharing is absolutely essential in college. I also love how automatic file syncs are in place on my laptop and phone via dropbox rather than google drive. I use Dropbox for all of my files and have left Google Drive to collect dust.


Think about all the passwords for numerous, NUMEROUS online accounts that you have- and it's an absolute terrible idea to use the same passwords everywhere. Use Dashlane- the best password manager that I've ever used that also autofills.